Carob Mill

Carob Mill (The mill of locust beans) was built around 1930 and belongs to the Agricultural Cooperative of Panormos. Here, locust beans, found in abundance in the area, were processed. Some of the processed products were distributed in the Greek market, such as locust bean flour, and others were exported abroad, such as the grains of the locust tree which were necessary for the manufacturing of every kind of film -for photographs or the cinema- as well as the production of

A place full of memories for the older generation who lived to see it working, it reminds us of a period with different moral and aesthetic values. Carob Mill was characterized as an industrial monument by the Ministry of Culture and has hosted various art events since 1996, although it was almost in ruins. In 1998, it was financed by the Regional Operational Programme (PEP) of Crete with 100 million drachmas. The implementation agent for its restoration and conversion into a Cultural Exhibition and Convention Centre was the Development Organization of WesternCrete (OADYK).Moreover, 80 million drachmas have been additionally approved for its equipment by the Special Programme for Local Authorities (EPTA). In our effort to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of our cultural tradition as well as our introduction to other cultural traditions, we founded ‘EPIMENIDES’, the cultural society of Panormos, which has jurisdiction over the use of Carob Mill as a ‘Cultural Exhibition and Convention Centre’.